Welcome to our incredible community.

We believe the community operates in its most healthy state when the family is serving the family.  It is only when the members of the house are involved in making family happen do we get the fruit of community.  We encourage every person at Presence to be a part of our volunteer teams so they can receive all that community has to offer. 

Family has a rhythm.  As you create a consistent routine of serving on a team at Presence OC you will experience being planted deeper into good soil.  This is the fastest way to grow and mature into who you are made to be.  We encourage you to take six months and commit to serving on one of our teams a couple times a month.  You will be blown away at what can happen to a life that is laid down for God’s vision – and how you will be elevated in your own desires and calling.


Join one of our volunteer teams:

  • JOY (Welcome) TEAM - This team is a powerful force of good for everyone who walks through the doors or drives through the parking lot.  The Joy team greets people and releases heaven’s realities!  Picture a mobile fountain of life…there you go.  This group in the past has shared simple words from God over random first time visitors and those visitors become family instantly as their world is filled with God’s love and purpose.  They are the first line of offense in the battle for love and belonging for every person who visits.

  • HOSPITALITY TEAM - It’s completely "true" that celebrating people with yummy treats and heavenly coffee is one of God’s love languages.  The Hospitality team delivers happiness and belonging (through coffee and treats of course) to our community and volunteers every Sunday.  They make it their business to serve every person like they were pulling up to Jesus’ banqueting table - as if they were the most important person to Jesus that morning.

  • SETUP TEAM - The structures of heaven don’t set themselves up - and neither do ours.  Our setup team is quite possibly the most joyful group of people in our community.  They are literally God’s hands and feet - like Paul, sacrificing their bodies as an act of joyful worship!  We call them the “Glory” Setup Team because they pray over and release God encounters over every chair, poster sign and baby gate they put out for the community. They work harder and play harder than any other team - and if fire falls on sacrifice this team is en FUEGO! 

  • PRESENCE KIDS TEAM - There is nothing small or junior about the Holy Spirit in our Kids Church. The reality is that the encounters that are happening in our kids room are making the adults a bit jealous. Our kids are often invited to come and pray over the adults in the community, releasing prophetic words and scriptures - you might learn from these fearless ones! The Kids Team of leaders and mentors usher in heaven on earth and embody the heart of the Father for these little champions. Nowhere in our community does a volunteer get to have such an impact to disciple future leaders.

  • AUDIO/VISUAL TEAM - The original audio/visual team used fire by night and clouds by day - we use MacBooks and iPads - pretty similar. If God cared most about communicating and bringing unity then this team wins a gold star. This team is in charge of making the worship team sound better than God’s angelic choir in heaven as well as less complex tasks like running the worship slides during worship. This is the closest you can get to being heaven's “roadie”. If you’re passionate about doing things in an excellent way and partnering with the anointing of unity in sound and video consider applying. 

  • WORSHIP TEAM - One of the areas that we are most passionate about is how we communicate our worship to God. Worship is way more than music but we do love anointed and powerful worship music at Presence! If you feel like you are called to steward God’s presence in the form of worship in a band and you have some experience doing this let us know. We have pretty rigorous tryouts and we know that it has to be the right season for people to be on stage at Presence. We would love to meet you if you are musically talented and feel called by God to join the worship team.

  • NEW VISITORS TEAM - One of God’s greatest joys is to welcome the lonely into family. We have a team that is gifted in finding ways to see and value those that are new to our community. People want to belong before they believe. We desire to help people feel a sense of belonging on their road to believing. We are Calling, texting, shouting out, yodeling, and emailing new visitors - is all part of what we do. If you ever dream of ways to make people feel connected and loved or get excited about turning strangers into family then the New Visitors Team is a great place to be!

  • EVENTS TEAM - There is a feast being prepared in heaven for those who are being prepared for eternal salvation. Preparing feasts and events for family is part of heaven’s way of catering his love to his people. Our Events Team is not just hanging banners of love over our community but creating places to gather and eat and drink and yes, BE MERRY! If you love serving God’s beloved and have a skill or passion to plan, execute and get all pinterest-creative-like then we encourage you to come on a journey with our Events Team.

  • PRAYER TEAM - Prayer is part of our inheritance in seeing God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We are so more powerful to affect change than we know. We believe and hope that everyone in our community feels empowered to pray and transform the lives around them. We also want to have a team of people that we get to train and empower to defeat the works of the devil during and after service. Call them our own Special Forces or God’s Strike Team - these people are walking lethal weapons in the hands of God. We routinely see incredible miracles and impossibilities bow to our prayer team. We have required quarterly prayer team training that will equip you as well as build trust with our staff and ultimately release you to pray from the front with our Presence Swat Team lol!