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The Holy Spirit Encounter While at Our Table

Two folks in our community were eating lunch together and a girl came over to them to raise money for a girls drug rehabilitation home. As she stood a few feet from them they asked if they could pray for her but before they did or she said yes she began to exclaim - I feel God!  She began to swoon and describe how she felt electricity all over her body and was so overwhelmed. She began to cry and the two spoke words of encouragement over her and what she was called to.

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MiraclesJordan Dahlquist
Wrong Turn Turned into a Healing for Jesus

We took a "wrong turn", and saw this dude laying on his back in pain. Segal got out and prayed then had him sit up and she said, " I bet you have one leg shorter than the other." She put his legs together and sure enough one was an inch shorter than the other. She prayed, it grew out on the spot and he felt fine after. Living Jesus style is so fun!!!

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