Woman Healed at Vons

A couple that attends Presence have this testimony: 
Yesterday, I walked into Vons supermarket to buy a coffee to help me stay awake and I saw a lady roll by in one of those electric carts and as she passed me, I thought to myself, "I would sure love to see her healed," but I let her pass by. I ordered my coffee and as the starbucks person made it I walked around the store. I made my way to the back near the frozen section and saw that same lady. I wanted to pray for her but didn't want it to be awkward. So I asked, "Can I help you find something?" She said, "I'm looking for some jello." So I said, "Hold on," and searched the store for some jello and brought some back to her. She said thanked me and said, "You are so sweet." We talked for a bit about her life and she shared that she struggles with depression and has a lot of pain in her knees. I asked, "Would you let me pray for you?" She said yes and I knelt down right there in the frozen food section and put my fingers on her knees and started to pray, I felt a lot of heat and so did she, she started to sweat, I knew God was touching her body. "Do me a favor and stand up," I said. She started to walk and then she stopped and looked at me with a look of surprise and said " what did you just do?!!" I told her, "Jesus just touched you." All the pain in her legs had left, praise Jesus! She let me pray for her depression and she said she felt a lot better and I got the chance to tell her how much God loved her!