Spine Issue from Birth Healed

A teenage girl was sitting on the floor during a meeting where one of our team was sharing. Used to constant back pain, she noticed a strange feeling come into her back which she later described as pins and needles - as if her back was going numb.  She stood up and began to test out her back during church announcements as this feeling happened just after worship time before any message had been preached or shared.  Not having been to church much she did not understand protocol and began to move around while everyone else was seated.  From the front, the leader asked her what was going on.  She described how she had a birth defect in her spine which caused constant pain and had resulted in 4 surgeries wherein metal rods were placed along her spine to stabilize it and limit mobility.  She had never been able to touch her toes and physically could not because the metal inhibited such movement.  In front of a crowded room she then touched her toes for the first time in her life!