Sciatic Pain Healed in the Presence

A pastor from another church heard testimonies of things God was doing, so he decided to come by and check it out for himself, being a little skeptical but genuinely interested in all that God can and does do. He had had sciatic pain for four years so extreme that he didn’t sleep well at night and had just ordered a special lift right before he came to the meeting. No word of knowledge for sciatic problems was called out, nor did he stand up to receive prayer. He didn’t feel anything happen, but left the meeting without any pain. He didn’t tell anyone for two days because he wanted to test it out. He lifted and moved a heavy load of lumber out of his truck, which would normally cause him so much pain he wouldn’t be able to get out of a chair after sitting down. He has had no pain or problems with his sciatic nerve for the first time in 4 years and is sleeping through the night every night! He testified a week later in the meeting about what God had done for him just in the Presence, and how they canceled the order for the lift.