Neighborhood Healings

The neighbor lady comes over today hobbling from a hurt knee and looking for her cat. As we talk, she says her daughter (in her 20s) is bed ridden with pain in her leg and I asked if one leg was shorter than the other and she said yes. So I told her I'll send my wife over right away. So my wife goes over there and 15 minutes later comes back with a huge smile on her face. She told me, the older lady's knee got totally healed and starts tripping out that there was all the sudden zero pain and felt heat all over her entire body. While she's still blown away, My wife then asks the daughter to sit back and grabs her legs and prays for it to start growing out because it was 1 inch shorter than the other. She feels her bones snapping/cracking and it grows out in front of her eyes! The girl is amazed and says she has been having a ton of anxiety and still does... so she prays for complete peace while touching her shoulders and the girl feels heat all over her body and complete peace takes over and fills her. The girl starts walking around the house normal and can't believe that just happened. So they got rocked by God and as my wife is telling me the story, I grab my phone and tell her we need to call a lady who has been needing healing (a friend asked us to call this woman).  Long story short, this girl on the other end feels heat all over body we pray in Jesus name and she gets healed on the spot.