Deafness Healed at a Restaurant

Out to eat at a restaurant, one young man felt the Presence of God touch his knees as the manager came over to give them menus. He asked the manager if she had knee problems.  The manager said yes I do.  The young man asked if he could pray for her. Before he had the chance the woman manager jumped backwards exclaiming, "what just happened to me!"  She had felt heat shoot through her legs and all her pain had left. The two young men and a pastor who were out to eat turned to eachother realizing God was doing something special.  The began to go table to table praying for people who were very open to prayer. A woman's deaf ear opened when one of the young men asked who at a table had that problem. Another woman had multiple surgeries on her neck and foot and both were healed.  This continued for close to three hours as 50 some healings occurred and well over a dozen people prayed to receive Christ over their lunch.