About Our Internship Program

As a thriving and growing community,  Presence Church’s visions of Encountering God Together,  Equipping Powerful People, and Transforming Culture with the love of Jesus is taking us further into the expansion of what we see as God’s purposes in Orange County and beyond.  Part of our vision of Equipping People and Transforming Culture includes our Presence Internship.  

Right now we are offering internships with different pastoral and ministry leaders within the community of Presence for the purpose of serving our God given vision and developing interns into effectual servant leaders within whatever sphere of influence God may call them.  If you feel called to church leadership, planting or non-profit/organizational work, a Presence Internship may be a great gateway towards the God vision inside of you.

Internship commitments vary by leader and department.  Interns can expect to volunteer between 5 and 20 hours of their time a week which would be discussed clearly between you and your committed mentor.  Internships commence the 1st of April and will continue until the Christmas Holiday. 



One of our previous interns moved into the Orange County area for a job opportunity.  Realizing that he needed community, he joined the set-up and tear-down team at church simply to get around people; he interned under the team coordinator.  In describing himself, he said, "I didn't know how to do community but I knew that I needed it so I simply started showing up." 

During the internship, he learned about the gift of the Holy Spirit and his identity in Jesus.  At the beginning of the internship, he was dealing with habitually destructive behavior which he had given up on trying to control; however, in realizing his own freedom, he broke off 13 years of behavior in a few simple declarations.  

As the internship progressed, he continued pressing into community through one of our home groups (which he eventually helped to lead).  By the end of the internship, he said that "if you would told me a year ago what I'd be doing now, I would have said that you're crazy." 

We share this a testament of how God powerfully moves in people devoted to community.  We hope that you are encouraged and inspired to connect with whatever community God has called you to. 



Areas of Potential Internship

With one of our Pastors:

  • Pastor Jesse

  • Pastor Nicole

  • Pastor Kris

With one of our Team Leaders:

  • Perris Rowan Social Media and Media

  • Childrens Church

Under a Specific Program:

  • Sunday Morning Service Coordinator Intern

  • Church Growth and Planting Intern

  • Administrative Intern unto the Senior Staff

  • Media/Photography

  • Outreach Intern




  • 5-20 hours per week depending on department / leader

  • Regular Sunday attendance to our services

  • Serving on a team on Sundays at Presence

  • Attending team meetings as determined by your internship mentor